From a small dairy company in the southwest of Ireland to a global multinational in under 40 years, the journey of Kerry tells a story of how belief and vision were combined to create a unique company. 

We’ve stayed close to our food heritage while drawing on expertise and inspiration from all over the world. We’ve created an organization that is committed to helping delight and nourish consumers across the globe. 

How is Kerry different?  

We’re progressive and innovative with an eye for an opportunity, unafraid of change, and constantly seeking better ways of doing things. We’re confident that our first 40 years are only the start of greater things to come for Kerry and all of our stakeholders.

Category – Seasoning & Flavors

Year 1970- 2022

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KARAM KIMYA is a chemical distribution and sales company operating in Pakistan since 2006.

It is a market leader in the Enzyme distribution market working with pioneers such as Novozymes.

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